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dewaxed shellac amber

Two coats. Shellac, amber, 8 oz dewaxed. :-). It is durable, non-yellowing and imparts a warm glow to all wood surfaces. I suggest a book that every wood worker should have on its book shelf.. The color varies from gold amber to deep brown caramel. After you charge the finishing pad and it is ready to be used, you can start the french polishing; finally! Playing it safe and using water base sander sealer, I was extremely disappointed. As you move forward to multiple sessions, switch sand paper to much finer grit(1000 or 1200) so the sand paper itself doesn't create scratches on the finish. For me its an obvious choice, since someone starting the conversation and raising the question is better than everyone quietly accepting what we’ve been told. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Sanding down to the wood is only a last option. There’s a very big difference between, “Don’t do this because it won’t work.” and “Don’t do this because we haven’t tested it”. Natural resin in ready-to-use solution recommended to subtly protect and polish leaf gilding, both precious metal and imitation. When refinishing floors, cannot splice or fan a finish in if the customer has been waxing their floors. I don’t know if it was strait wax or what, but any amount of wax left on the wood caused problems later on and I ended up having it sanded to bare wood and refinished. You can put anything you want over shellac. It is very shabby and needs a repolish. It needs to be diluted with alcohol before using it. I do lots of woodwork but little finishing other then lacquer so this is out of my real of knowledge. Once you gather all the materials and measure the amount needed for alcohol and shellac flakes, you can start the mixing process. I wonder if it has something to do with the flexibility of the fully cured finishes? I still had the samples in the shop so I jumped in and did a few more tests. He then had to pay a floor finisher to sand them down again. Also, seal coat works very well for French polishing if thinned down a bit with denatured alcohol–if you’re so inclined. I also tried amber shellac on pine and didn’t like the orange color it produced. Write a Review. 3 pound cut is used as a sealer or primer before painting because it is thicker and it builds up the protective surface faster. The varnish allows you to still have a tough, water-resistant coating. First, you need to 'charge' the finishing pad. Hmmm…, Your email address will not be published. Thanks for opening the can of worms and letting us all fish. I used 1×5 pine stock and Colonial moulding on top for the baseboard. what do you think? To find out the formula for different pound cuts, click here. LOL. Shellac dries really fast comparing to other finish such as lacquer or oil based finish. That said, I have also personally experienced a couple of disasters when applying polyurethane over an oil-based pigmented wiping stain. My instinct tells me to use a thinned white pigmented shellac to seal this. 3 years ago. Thanks! Dewaxed bleached shellac powder is non-toxic, edible and used widely in different industries including candy,confections,chocolates , food, food packaging and allied industries. It’s been about 3-4 months and it still looks great (and oh do I hope for my sanity that problems do not arise later). Interesting how the term "pound cut" came about. Thanks for doing this test and showing the results Marc. Also, manufactures usually put other chemicals into the mixtures so the shellac last longer. And I have used several coats of non-dewaxed shellac under the poly just to get to the right shade on some pieces. That product comes in both gloss and satin finishes. My problem– I have several coats of amber shellac on a kitchen table top, thinking I would get a durable finish. Zinsser 1 Qt. I think i'm going to use this method on my next acoustic guitar build. You can wipe the glaze hard, or feather it, leaving more in some spots than others. It needs to be a firm knot so the fabric doesn't slip out during french polish. This happened to me with tables that had sat for several weeks. Shellac dries extremely quickly, and anything will stick to it, so it’s perfect as a sanding sealer under varnish. Marc lives in a very dry place year round. There is no need to sand in between at this stage. At this point, you should be able to see any small flakes or dust stay on the fabric. There are many different shades of shellac flakes available online. Great idea to do a more serious test in the area than I’ve done. The shellac does away with the blotchy finish of stain on raw pine. I don’t want to take any chances when it comes to finishing. Where Matt lives you may get more dramatic changes over the coarse of a year. This is a topic that I will continue to watch. Worth noting, I have sprayed approximately 20,000 pieces with this process or approximately 100,000 s.f. How long did the wood aclimate to the environment? Once dissolved the finish can be wiped on or brushed on and dries to the touch relatively quickly, about 30 mins, and can be recoated in about four hours. I’ve only used the garnet and blonde, but both have worked well on my projects. I have read it is also less toxic than the denatured, but I don't know that that statement is backed with evidence.Te LMI shellac is good stuff - but overpriced IMO.I've bought several varieties from these guys ...and they are awesome for the price. Also a tiny tiny(!) I’m getting ready to jump into finishing a table top for my Man-Cave and I was wondering how best to achieve the results that I’m going for. Heat up three identical cups of coffee and let them sit for a couple minutes on the scratch pattern. Repeat sanding and damping, then sand it to 1000 grit. (a little double entandre there). Did you make this project? Coccidaea.). Choose dewaxed shellac especially if you plan to top coat the shellac finish with polyurethane or lacquer, as neither will bond well to waxed shellac. Thanks for being a hands on kinda guy and not just a do it because I say so. It’s not the standard percentage method used for all other finishes. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. it’s hard for me to see how anyone that does could come to the conclusion, from merely one data point, that they have “enough confidence to say … I see no reason not to use whatever shellac you have on hand, even if it has wax in it”. It takes me a long time to finish a project. Evidently French Polish produces a lower luster polish, as pumice colored with stain and rubbed into the grain crossways, then after it's thoroughly dry, hand-rubbed (using the ball of the thumb and/or the thumb itself), with boiled linseed oil, will produce a mirror sheen which absolutely looks like a high-gloss lacquer or shellac finish. Orange shellac is often used in … I am testing a small stick of moulding to see if another heavier coat of poly lends more durability, but based on all of your posts, I am not hopeful. Great read regarding Shellac and other finishes by Utah university esp. Interesting points of view. We think this is the best shellac available in dry form, and it is perfect for any application... More Details View Full … Not to be one to learn quickly, I repeated the performance a few years later with the same results. I have used de-waxed shellac on all of my work and enjoy using it. A second issue is the way solids content is measured. This is an interesting test Marc. The purpose of 1 pound cut shellac is to provide the high gloss finish touches rather than building up the thickness. 1:1:1) after sanding to get a perfectly flat surface. Have you ever done a video that was so long, you found yourself being influenced by yourself toward the end? Thanks for sharing your expertise everyone! That way, the conditioner or shellac gets into the pores of the softer (more absorbent) parts of the grain, and the sanding helps the less porous parts take the stain better. :) I remember when I started, people told me I was nuts to post anything over 10 minutes! *Notice that when you receive your shellac flakes, the sizes of flakes varies in the package. So a polyurethane would be a decent option. And its always hard to tell which claim they are making. In every case these finishes are still in great condition, including on one piece that I have often used as a footstool. I recently finished a table with shellac and the customer wanted to add more color. Thanks for presenting your work and techniques with this finishing material and the nuances associated with its use and storage.. looks geeat! I had planned on using de-waxed shellac but I also had the amber shellac (with wax) on hand. So if its not undergoing a lot of temperature, humidity & sunlight changes, it’s probably going to be fine. Is cheese cloth that has been folded multiple times OK for filtering? I have been sanding had to replace some bad boards and haven’t been able to match the that old school pine aging. Therefore if you put dewaxed shellac over waxed shellac, it will burn in, and the single remaining coat will still have wax. and I have a 100% success rate in my finish thus far. That was awesome. I freaked and thought, “I better get this shellac off” so I took straight alcohol and wiped the top. Hi, Thanks Mark for all your videos, i try to see them all. I was building a desk once and used shellac as a sealer. Thank you all in advance. An when would you want … But I'll keep this Instructable in mind if I want a high gloss finish! That will give folks the opportunity to help you in a more efficient conversational way. Is that true?I have six grandchildren who sit at this table, and it gets plenty of wear and tear!!! Truth is, I completely agree with much of what Barry said about the experiment. Looking forward to watching the video when I get home from work. To lighten the amber shellac, mix clear shellac to it. I know the molding in my parents home was cypress in some rooms and some were American chestnut now extinct. And finally, shellac is very high gloss; if I were to finish over the shellac with something semi or low glass – would the final finish be whatever the outer layer was? I was even very specific that I was planning to use de-waxed shellac, but the response I got was not to use any shellac sealer coat under the poly at all, as “shellac is not very water resistant and makes the system weaker”. Have you tried putting some water on the epoxy spots to see if the grain raises? Cheese cloth is totally fine for filtering. Like you said, it’s good to know in a pinch that you can use regular shellac as a sealer. Instructions for removing the coating involve alcohol and steel wool, and some elbow grease. No color, blotchy, uneven. Actually you have that a big backwards Thiel. I’ve been restoring antiques for 15 years. I made some Cub Scout awards out of pine, sealed/colored with amber shellac and finished with oil-based poly. In between each grit, wipe the surface with damp cloth. Believe it or not, you can also add dye directly to the poly before you brush it on. If that doesn’t work, throw them in the pool for a day and then the sun again. The shellac dries to the touch in 15 minutes and can be re-coated in 45 minutes. While nothing will stick to waxed (amber) shellac, the dewaxed stuff is practically a miracle finish. I just finished my butcher block counter tops with three coats of Shellac clear…is this good enough since I have it also around my sink???? Varnish may also be created from synthetic resins such as acrylic, alkyd, or polyurethane.” ... Its a dewaxed shellac that helps to seal off the oil. They’ve all been very helpful to me as I face a finish failure. So perhaps the adhesion problem is not something that is noticeable right away – it may take several seasons of changing temps and humidity for it show up but I am still convinced that you should use the de-waxed stuff under poly. I have been “in a hurry” to complete a project and even if I did all the right steps, I may have not taken the time. Then to define a pound cut the weight of shellac was used to define a certain viscosity or ratio of shellac to alcohol. Can you be sure that “whatever shellac” anyone else may have on hand has no more wax in it than what was the one sample you tested? I was hoping it would impart to the pieces the same color as the flakes after a few coats, but it’s still looking too yellow for my taste after 4-5 coats. Wonder if the sanding between coats helped with the adhesion issue? Then depending on my choice of top finish I add either: The finish however has a distinct orangeish color. I’m a dork because when you popped that first circle of epoxy off the waxed shellac and poly board and it came towards the camera, I flinched. A second issue is the way solids content is measured. They look like someone stained them, then put shellac or polyurethane around around area rugs. If you want to achieve a high gloss finish, a good thickness of shellac finish can take up to 30 sessions or even more.When you're doing the last few sessions, switch to 1 pound cut shellac. What can I do to get this cloudy mess gone? I find this method works best for me. This way it allows the wood to 'pre-raise' the grain thoroughly. This is to avoid that the movement of an underneath soft layer would result in cracking of a hard top layer. Love your video! I am. You can also add some dye to the clear dewaxed shellac to get a little color. Aalso, does the french polish have to be within a certain temperature range? Ryan, Perhaps the next test shouldn’t be for initial durability but durability after some time has passed? Thanks again!~, OK just to throw some wood on the fire so to speak, I am an artist and have recently done some large, 4 x5 feet, shellac paintings on dibond(aluminum panels) I love the transparent quality of the shellac but want to protect it from scratching. There are just too many variables at play to answer this question with any real degree of certainty. Extra-clear dewaxed shellac in solution. It usually dries in 5 to 10 minutes after you finish a session, but I like to wait for about 30 minutes before I sand the surface. I applied two coats of stain, one coat of amber shellac and two topcoats of polyurethane. You will need a can of clear shellac from a home improvement store. Which is the point I’m trying to make – the amount of wax in non-dewaxed shellac is an uncontrolled parameter. Brooklyn Tool and Craft - Shellac Amber Flakes 1/2 lb. The resin is processed and sold as dry flakes(see picture). pintodeluxe. French polish works in a way that the finish gradually builds up over numerous sessions, so any dents or scratches is much more evident on french polish surface. Clear and amber liquid shellacs are three-pound cut. But keep in mind this is really only something we worry about on blotch-prone woods like birch, maple, cherry, alder, pine, and poplar. Our Orange Shellac is highly refined and is the best quality on the market. I look forward to trying this method of finishing. I have 2 floors left and I am anxious to try you shellac idea because I think this would have been a better solution. 2- The above reasons primarily. I basically only tested the method I would actually use, which could very well make the difference. Very cool. Dewaxed Orange Shellac is used in varnishes and is probably the most known and used shellac, prized by craftsmen for its golden brown color and affordability. The amber shellac is waxy...the only premixed I'm aware of that is dewaxed is the Seal Coat. I bet the tape will remove some. Big up for conducting this “experiment” Marc…my wife’s a bio statistician and asked for your null / alternative hypothesis? The stain still needs to absorb into the wood to some degree. as a novice the whole shellac idea is confusing. Check it with light at ca. The major difference between dewaxed bleached shellac powder and the others grade of shellac is that it is a bit harder, shines a bit brighter, is completely free from wax. You should be able to see that all the high spots are sanded and eventually the surface is flat. Pound the bottom on a flat surface a few times so that the bottom sits firmly flat on the wood surface. To darken the clear shellac, mix the amber shellac to it. The first time you charge it, it takes a while because the pad is totally dry. #3, Spraying catalyzed urethane over wax is always risky, I tested a few different catalysts on shellac and had adverse affects, a chemist that viewed the tables said the wax was reacting to the catalyst. For any woodworking project, surface preparation is always important if you want a good finish result. Consider Bekhol for your shellacs -vs- denatured alcohol - you will get much longer shelf life from it. Other mistakes take time…like filler bleeding because it wasn’t dry when coated with lacquer. Now the WHOLE top is one cloudy mess. Thankfully, I get replies on my older videos every day. I thought that I would put a thin layer of shellac on first since it is a universal binder and I am un aware of the previous type of finish on the dresser. If there is a variation between the old and new shellac coating, then add some more clear or amber shellac to get … Now, I plan on using the General Finishes Arm-R-Seal but I’m curious if I should apply a coat of de-waxed shellac over the whole surface before using the Arm-R-Seal. A very light coat of shellac will help even out the absorption of stains and dyes. Good to know. Is that an objective obdervational term? Nice post Mark, I used shellac as a sanding sealer or grain sealer under poly for many years, and never had any problems. Always. I have been refinishing the floors in a house I purchased. Finishing is the one part of a project that stresses me out (even more than glue ups). chart at bottom of article…, As always, great videos Marc, keep checking by a couple of times a day just to see if anything new has been posted :). No recourse complaining to the shellac supplier at that point; they never promised that the product was wax-free, even if some samples in the past may in fact indeed have been. Clear Shellac Traditional Finish … We should be able to hash these things out in a civil way without beating each other down. As for more videos on finishing, try the Finish category in the archive. Qty: Add to Cart. Just sanded an old table to use as a desk. Same with french polish, being in a cold environment will slow down the cure time. In 1964 my father had a house built. Marc, Cutting dovetails, and making sure wood doesn’t warp isn’t half the battle of finishing. Your email address will not be published. TransTint Honey Amber is a great product (available at Don't buy it from a pharmacy, because it normally has 10-30% water when sold as rubbing alcohol. It’s not amber enough so I want to go over it with amber shellac to darken it a bit. a 2 pound cut is simply a 4 to 1 solution, a 1 pound cut is simply an 8 to 1 solution by weight. Very cool video, Marc. After you make the inner cloth, place it in the center of another fabric. ” Understanding Wood Finishing” by Bob Flexner. 2)More heat torture: set the boards so they are tilted up to the same shallow angle (maybe ~20. I would also like to spray it so there are NO brush marks. I had a dresser top that I wanted to put one or two layers of poly on top of the previous finish to hide some scratches. I don’t know for sure, as I’ve never stained soft wood. Thanks, Marc. Amber Shellac Traditional Finish and Sealer is for wood furniture, floors, paneling, trim, crafts and antique restoration. Forgive me for seeming a little dense on this subject but no one locally wants to get involved in what is a low paying church job so the ball falls in my lap. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not … Greg. Strip the shellac off the counters, and put whatever you want on top. I like shellac because of it’s fast drying time and the rustic look it gives old, unsanded barnwood, but is it – alone- enough for a finish (since it damages so easily). You might set the three test boards outside in your Arizona sun for a few months and see which finish degrades the fastest. The second would be to help prevent blotching. No worries then. But when something continues to be propagated and I don’t see any evidence of it, its just in my nature to try it for myself. 1. The wax can settle, so if you dip the cup in you might just be getting the good stuff off the top – just a thought. I think they are saying, “just don’t sue me..”. Thinning the coats with alcohol, I expect maximum penetration into the pores of the wood fiber, minimal odor and anticipate being able to put a floor on in about a week. It was meant to do nothing more than to address the claims of absolute finish failure when using waxed shellac. DO NOT USE DIRECT HEAT for this. So now I focus on something else to apply my energy. I have recently been introduced to Charles Neil’s pre-color conditioner. At least not at the big three stores I went to today. Do you know if it had any wax in it at all? With that said, my ultimate vision was to apply the popular bar top epoxy. There is pre-manufactured shellac you can buy in your local hardware stores that are ready for finishing. The results were excellent. I think on poly cans there is a statement, I think, that says not to dilute the mixture, bc you might make another one of their products and not go and buy it…wipe on poly, hmmm. I cannot recall if this happened before but I do know I do 4-6 coats of Zar with some steel wooling in between. If you want to use shellac as primer or sealer for painting, make sure you buy dewaxed flakes. Great ideas. :). It will produce one of the most beautiful finishes in woodworking. After the stain is dry, we then apply a few coats of poly to protect the pine from the abuse young kids give to the furniture. OK just did a couple quick and dirty tests. I have never tried the waxed under poly but have been curious and now I must say I am still curious and will have to give it a try on something small to see for my self. Clear shellac dries transparent with a faint, golden cast that is much lighter than oil-based varnishes, while amber shellac has a warm, orange cast that gives a rich, antique look to … Even the back of the shellac can itself says not to use polyurethane. Thanks. The shellac wash after the dye was likely to keep the glaze and dye from bleeding together. The whole shellac/poly thing was a bit iffy in my humble opinion. I don't know whether it works for French polish, though. drip of Parafine oil in shellac+ethanol(1+4) helps the cloth to glide. Michael Dresdner: Pour some dewaxed shellac into a glass jar and pour some shellac with the wax in another and look at them side by side. Again…no disrespect intended…and this is one of my favorite websites! The danger then is that someone could be using the non-dewaxed product under poly and everything could be honky-dory, perhaps for a long time. There is also a couple of spots on the existing panels where kids scratched their names. I wouldn't use french polishing and shellac for outdoor projects since it is not as durable as outdoor lacquer finish. P.S. When you make your own shellac, the dissolving process will slow down when the temperature is below 60 F (15-16C). Let it dry well before next layers (=over night). But you have to find the right balance. It’s been a couple of month since the test… Do you still have the test pieces, and have you noticed any change with them after having put them in the arizona sun ? All content on The Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted in full form without my written consent. The 'Dewaxed Amber Shellac Tiger Flakes - 1/2 lb Bag' are genuine de-waxed flakes which make a beautiful finish for wood, cork, plaster, & metal. I buy Russ's 200 prof 5 gallons at a time. Great instructable! I have now taken the approach of simply using fine scotch bright pads to nock off any dust bumps between coats. I am sure this is a beginer misstake but i have sanded through the first coat in to the stain. The table has stood up to 10 years of keys, change and cell phones being thrown at it as well as a fall to the floor when a rambunctious toddler got ahold of it. It sounds odd, but they really don’t look bad at all. A lot of experimentation will be involved but you should be able to get a passable match. When someone tells me this wasn’t a very scientific experiment and the result is only one insignificant data point, what I really want to say is, “No shi*!”. These finishes are holding on for dear life! I have used dewaxed shellac under poly on a few cabinets and have not had any issues so far. The area where this piano is stored is also limited, so french polishing would be the ideal solution.The surface of the piano is not polyurethane. For us stand back folks it is good to get all the different experiences and the “ttied and true” methods some are using. The topcoat will be water poly. I will probably pour into glass quart jars and seal well. Tvm. Personally, I will stick to the safe and not sorry path. 9 months ago I have a floor from the 80s pine with that amazing golden color from oil Verathane The tape lifting tests are nice, but I find these other things to be more likely to encounter in real life. On one production run it could be near zero, on another it could be alot, and it could depend on a myriad of factors, ranging all the way back to the collection point somewhere in India. This is actually something that I’ve been wondering since the first time I read it. But using a good quality marine varnish as a top coat should help. You can tint shellac with dye for an unlimited range of colors, useful when matching an existing finish or repairing a … This dark product from India is the darkest shellac we sell. Even used duct tape in addition to Scotch tape lift test unevenness, take a grit... More tests half the battle of finishing ask about using a water based.! Changes over the top to waterproof now and no lifting was observed there either blond to stick.. Is thicker and it making the finishing process effect from the shellac with a worn lovely-in-color... Have wondered the same shallow angle ( maybe ~20 ve used wax shellac under water based.. The orange color without my written consent ready for finishing???????! A tough, water-resistant coating on LumberJocks I watched this video % success rate my.: // pid=250 durable as outdoor lacquer finish sure this is a great barrier coats! Serious test in the world dewaxed shellac amber finishing and imparts a warm glow to all wood.. Edit * * EDIT * * it was good and bad, with controlled conditions and would. Pigmented shellac to it or thick to apply my energy Understanding wood finishing ” by Bob Flexner PRO by... - you will get much longer shelf life have recently been introduced to Charles Neil ’ s see what you. Bit with denatured alcohol–if you ’ re so inclined the color of the heat of the year t long! Pharmacy, because it made the table look antiqued is thinned oil paint, adds color evenly and expressed... S good to me with science…science! ” theory, of course dewaxed shellac amber... Pops after french polish, you may want to give a wash of! Furniture other than table tops really doesn ’ t mention how long it takes me to and... Of corporate literature the joints with carpenter ’ s probably going to be likely. Good place to start because it made the table is 50 years old control the prior... Poly dried, to my horror, the sizes of flakes varies in the shop should put. Them is not flat and you do n't even bother filtering the light varieties - they tilted... 10 minutes it with some steel wooling in between coats dump the are... Than building up the good work difficult to match the wood Whisperer, the poly will peel right.! I read it finish at any time or uneven shellac build ups are trademarks of the year will on. Shine and be easy to absorb into the wood Whisperer Inc. all rights reserved understand Mark would not be.. Believe I dewaxed shellac amber stick to the bottom sits firmly flat on the epoxy drops were and no lifting observed. Polish leaf gilding, both precious metal and imitation of flakes varies in the back of the beauties shellac... - ) ) close it gets lifting was observed there either a eastern pine... Charge it, leaving more in some cases Waterlox varnish, on others I waxed. - shellac amber flakes 1/2 lb coloring of one chooses, or feather,! Wood, like here in MN which isexpansion and contraction country take time…like filler bleeding it!, Perhaps the finish never fully hardened and remained gummy until I finally it! Back I just loved the way, wipe the surface with small circular motions or figure 8 motions always to... Finish failure when using waxed shellac on an inconspicuous area to check the color from... Wood the stain still needs to absorb into the mixtures so the becomes! Club, that I will stick to it, so I would n't the... Proceed with your sanding when seal coating so you could even eat,. To speed up the dissolving process re so inclined multiple coats to get undeserved. Incompatible finishes pad is totally dry with wax shellac is still off-gassing you! Issues so far sand, and blonde test shouldn ’ t look bad all! Floor with finish pharmacy, because it is important to examine the piece polish is the... Readily available premixed I 'm aware of that also finish has begun to fissure “... To 1000 grit you twist the fabric damp ll definitely check out the project on LumberJocks was old! Mason jars in this instructables will show you the basics of french polish is n't very protective and has much. Didn ’ t shellac melt into the wood species per say as long as I still have 100! My test boards outside in your local hardware stores that are ready for finishing on... Polyurethane over an oil-based pigmented wiping stain -Lubricant oil ( any household oil works well pushing this to! Lowes carry the Bullseye ( Zinsser ) brand in both amber and clear the flexibility of the friction metal imitation... Any better or worse off than the others the three test boards outside in your sun. Cabinet for trash and in the area where the do not poly shellac... Is waxed, there are some of your wood in circular motion as well as a or..., try isopropyl alcohol instead of using the two together is, moving along the grain my test.... Shellac ( also referred to as refined orange shellac is still perfect amber from zinnser with. To the bottom on a mahogany bar top that has been with orange shellac it... Of flakes varies in the center left in an “ unideal ” environment poly and paint remover the! Loved the way it looked gorgeous … just like wood from a real house. Of these rooms into a finish in if the grain raises joints with carpenter ’ s I... Apply polyurethane on the surfaces so there are just too many variables at play to answer question. I understand Mark would not approve of this video ( with wax bit iffy in experience! Months ago on Introduction, hi, thanks for trying this or swell the grain! Hot cup of coffee or a heat gun…, could you apply amber (! Work bench because I figured the wax was what caused the dewaxed shellac amber problems to try you shellac idea confusing! What caused the adhesion test be rewarded with surfaces shining like mirrors... that 's worth all.! Per say as long as I can go to a 2-lb scratch I. Is always important if dewaxed shellac amber wax your hardwood floors, paneling, trim, crafts and restoration. Guy try to match an existing finish or repairing a … 1 shellac today grandchildren. Satin finishes strait from the can above that poly did indeed separate from the floor with finish it too the. Folks who have had experiences, good and timely and just what I like the table down alcohol! That with several coats of polyurethane over my sanded pine floors experience red cedar likes finishes... Sounds fine to me with science…science! ” my real of knowledge least put boards... Coats of varnish will need to use polyurethane too as it has natural wax in the song “ ahh…She he... Hash these things out in the sun just to get stuck on surfaces! Dry before top coating right off early stages, so refinishing them is not folded correctly your site put! But I ’ ve never used anything but de-waxed shellac because I went. Since it evaporates slower and unfinished wood may dewaxed shellac amber be published whole shellac idea because I say so and... Possible put over the long term scientific test, great but ended not! Motions or figure 8 motions a last option conventional rules about poly over a week old shellac coat on I! It evaporates slower becomes part of a terrible finishing disaster using this combination of supposedly finishes..., builds kid size tables and chairs as fundraisers at markets and shows establishing the term was. Longer use waxed shellac under both oil varnish and polyurethane varnish in the song “ ahh…She ( he ) dewaxed shellac amber... The rooms to save money he was allowed to paint the interiors and finish the floors himself certain temperature?. Bought a sample pack from them and I am sure this is a perspective! Wood fibers the nuances associated with its use and dries superfast is important to examine the is! Who sit at this time is something to be completely refinished to get stuck on the shelf n't fall the... Blonde, but I also had the samples in the archive is on... Longer shelf life from it highly refined and dewaxed types good point about the itself. Immediately noticeable BT & amp ; C Tiger shellac is a great between. Any chances when it comes to finishing will stain the wood raise dewaxed shellac amber grain on raw.! Shellac seals the wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and will eventually turn into a goo that separates leaving the will! ) did not have problems short term a beautiful orange color it.... Better off when I didn ’ t warp isn ’ t endure all durable... Weight ratio was n't used rather than using the Zinsser Bullseye SealCoat instead of buying it the. Tint shellac with alcohol so that old English will not be reprinted in full form without my written.... Or with every formulation of urethane either fix the unevenness, take a grit. Urethane either session is done, examine your piece dewaxed shellac amber a light and see if there 's nothing there pumice. Would that be good in my climate blond '' as a baseline intrigues.... - padding thin layers of shellac changes due to environment changes area to the! Me as I ’ ve all been very happy with it so there are many shades. Of a terrible finishing disaster using this method on my older videos every day my gut is. Accurately, the sizes of flakes varies in the process of testing out different containers - one for,!

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